Oregon Public Entity Excess Pool (OPEEP)

Excess Liability coverage exclusively for self-insured cities & counties

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Large, self-insured public entities around Oregon have found a new way to fund their liability risks. Rather than each buying excess liability coverage from a commercial insurer, they have pooled their risks by establishing the Oregon Public Entity Excess Pool - "OPEEP" for short. This new pool, established on July 1, 2015, has created a new option to create more stability, more coverage, more options, and a lower cost over the long run.

OPEEP's founding members are CIS, Clackamas County, Deschutes County, and Washington County. Together, these OPEEP members are already sharing the benefits of expanded coverage, tailored to their needs, at the same or lower price than they were purchasing coverage separately. And, they've established reserves to create stability in the long run.

For more information about OPEEP, or to obtain a quote, please contact Scott Moss, OPEEP administrator:
smoss@cisoregon.org or 503-763-3840.

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